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Garage Keepers Insurance

Garagekeepers coverage is an optional line added onto General Liability insurance offering protection to the garage business for loss to a customer's auto left in the insured's care, custody or control. The policy clarifies that by saying, while the insured is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your garage operations.

Garagekeepers insurance accomplishes coverage in the care, custody or control exclusion under the liability portion of the garage insurance.

Garagekeepers coverage offers three options:

1. Legal Liability. This is the most common. The protection applies to a customer's vehicle damaged due to the insured's negligence such as the mechanic wrecked the customer's car while test driving it or the customer's vehicle was left unlocked and unattended after hours.

2. Direct Primary. This form covers the customer's vehicles regardless of liability. In a loss caused by no action of the insured such as a weather loss, or a theft although the vehicle was adequately protected, the direct primary garagekeepers pays.

3. Direct Excess. This is the rarest option, although it's the best. The form affords protection to an insured for the loss to a customer's vehicle regardless of liability, just as direct primary does. The difference is in the event of the insured having no liability, the form will only pay in excess of any other collectible insurance.

What Does GarageKeeper's Exclude?

Excluded are: contractual obligations; theft by an insured; defective parts; faulty work; loss to sound reproducing equipment (unless permanently installed); loss to tapes, records, etc.; loss to other sound receiving equipment (CB's, mobile radios, telephones or scanning monitors unless installed in the dash or console) and radar detection equipment.

All About Garage Owners Insurance

There are various businesses that handle vehicles. Car dealerships and repair shops are the most popular in this field of activity, but definitely not the only ones. If you own a business that deals with vehicles in a way or another, you should get not only the commercial general liability insurance, but also a garage liability policy.

More often than not, the commercial general liability one doesn't cover any damage to the vehicles you don't own yourself. Basically, it will not protect you against any damage caused to your customers' vehicles and it will only compensate you for your own.

This can mean lots of trouble and big costs so here is where the garage one comes in handy as the insurance company covers the insured properly in case of any unforeseen and unpleasant events that might occur. Still, there are several things to be aware of.

First of all, it is essential to know that the basic coverage only applies for injuries that happen on the premises of the business. The limit will be specified in the agreement. Remember that it does not apply to other property.

It is not unheard of for customers to get injured while they are in your shop. If someone falls and needs medical assistance, you will be covered.

As a business owner, you want everything to be perfect. However, your employees might make wrong moves that lead to trials. For example, a new employee might destroy a car or have a totally inappropriate behavior towards a customer. The policy can help you deal with situations like these and consequences arising from these mistakes.

Secondly, you have to pay attention to any additional coverage that you might want or need. The garage policy might not include the products delivered by the shop, irrespective whether they are manufactured on the premises or simply sold by it. Also, company vehicles will require an extra auto insurance coverage.

Check to see whether your basic coverage specifies any of this to make sure that you won't get in trouble due to property damage that is not included.

The premium varies from one case to another. It is related to details such as the employees, the security measures that you use and the location of the business. If you want lower premiums, higher deductibles will be useful.

Incidents might happen that can damage the stored cars and lead to massive costs. Insurance makes sure this incidents do not put you out of business.

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Basic General Liability or Garage Owner's Insurance for an Vehicle Repair Shop?

When someone operates a garage, that person gets garage coverage to cover liability risks. It seems to be the right thing to do in order to avoid trouble. But can you be insured against any liability exposure just by going for a commercial general liability coverage?

It is true that both policies compensate the amounts of money that one has to pay in case of damage or injuries. But, at the end of the day, they are obviously not the same and anyone interested in getting properly insured needs to know the differences between them.

Here are the key differences between the commercial general liability coverage and the garage policy:

1. The type of business
Each policy refers to a certain type of business. As a general rule, the garage policy is by far more limited as it mainly refers to liability related to using, maintaining and owning covered vehicles. The CGL usually covers only the vehicles that are not owned by the insured party.

The garage one applies to vehicle-related properties like dealerships or repair shops, while the CGL form works mainly to cover service, processing, manufacturing or contracting businesses, as well as properties.

When you get a garage policy, you will get coverage for damages. This doesn't happen if you go for the CGL policy as it doesn't include property damage for the property that you own, control or care for as the insured party. By using the garage form, all the physical damages caused to property that is currently under your custody or care will be covered.

2. The insuring agreements
It is good to know that endorsements might change the coverage of both forms.

3. Excluding sections
None of these policies include coverage for property damage to the work carried out by the insured, but the CGL mentions the work of a subcontractor.

When it comes to the insured party, the clauses between the forms are different. The garage one specifies that the coverage is related to use or ownership and states the insured for the vehicles that are covered by it, while the CGL is not so specific concerning this matter.

If you opt for the commercial garage liability policy, it won't say much about bodily injuries. The garage one addresses this matter by excluding any coverage for bodily injury caused by wrong practices of the employees such as harassment or defamation.

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